2020 Physical and Sports Education Virtual Conference

The 2020 Physical and Sports Education (PSE) Conference aims to serve as a platform to champion excellence and practice-based standards in the areas of physical, sports and outdoor education. The inaugural PSE Conference was first held together with the launch of PESTA in 2011, and subsequently in 2013 and 2017.

Drawing on the plethora of experience and expertise of the PSE fraternity, the conference provides opportunities for participants to deepen and broaden their understanding and perspectives on physical, sports and outdoor education, raise their awareness in related trends and issues, and network with each other for professional development and growth. The PSE conference continues to be a signature platform dedicated to the PSE fraternity for professional development.

Play to Learn, Learn to Play: The Joy of Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education

The theme for the 2020 PSE Conference is Play to Learn, Learn to Play: The Joy of Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education. The theme conveys how joyful experiences can be enhanced through physical, sports and outdoor education. One of the key elements is Joy in Physical Education (PE) while developing students in the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains.  It highlights the importance of Play in PE and emphasises the need to ensure students Learn in PE, where Play and Learn can co-exist in PE. The theme is in tandem with the Ministry of Education’s Learn for Life movement shared at the 2019 Work Plan Seminar, where the conference aims to provide strong support for ‘Igniting Joy of Learning’ and the six prioritised areas of SkillsFuture for Educators.

The three strands of the 2020 PSE Conference are:

  • Designing & Enacting Learning: This strand focuses on key issues that PE teachers need to consider in order to design and enact a holistic PE curriculum. This may include understanding of national curricular outcomes mapped against school mission and vision, alignment between grade level outcomes and unit plans, and the effective use of time and space for PE, outdoor education and sports instruction.
  • Future-Ready Learning: This strand focuses on quality teaching using technology and innovative strategies to support age-appropriate instructional methods to ensure high academic learning time. Different pedagogical approaches and instructional methods that achieve the psychomotor, cognitive and affective objectives as envisaged in the PE syllabus could be included.
  • Assessing Learning: This strand focuses on building assessment literacy in participants to enhance teaching and learning. This may include different forms of formative and summative assessment tools used in PE. Issues related to the implementation of assessment in PE, and the meaningful use and reporting of assessment information in schools could also be discussed.



The conference is co-organised by Physical Education and Sports Teachers Academy (PESTA) in partnership with Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education Branch (PSOEB), of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The members of the main organising committee are:

Main Organising Committee
Advisers Ms Melanie Martens


Mr Krishnan Aravinthan


Co-Chairpersons Mr Fathul Rahman Kamsani


Mr Steven Tay


Finance Administrator Mrs Pauline Baeg


Programme Committee
Mr Hanif Abdul Rahman


Mr Wong Liang Han


Public Communications & Publication Co-ICs Mr Teng Tse Sheng


Ms Irene Yeow


Logistics/Technical Support
Ms Joanna Phan


Ms Karen Low


Secretariat Dr Clara Tan


Dr Lena Chng


Ms Kwok Hui Min


Mr Cleve Chia


Conference Logo

The 2020 PSEC Logo is an iteration of the first logo designed by Mr Callen Michael Desmond in 2013.


The evolvement of the logo is a direct representation of the constant movement which physical activity brings to an individual. With the opening of the arms and the thrusting of the chest, a sense of joy and wild abandonment is evoked, reminding one to constantly dance into the future, that beauty lies ahead to those who dare venture forward.